Lizzi - a professional's perspective

6921719 sunflower desktop background"I have been working in the mental health, disability and community work fields for the past 2 decades. My work is informed by my qualifications; B.Sc. and Postgrad Dip in Psychology, and by the experiences shared by many previous clients.

I currently work in a recovery focused mental health service. In both my professional and personal life I have seen the significant difficulties that many people experience when dealing with insurance and superannuation companies and the process of making a claim.

I have seen bright, resilient and capable people overwhelmed by the process of making a claim and significantly re-traumatised by the process.

If you are making an insurance claim it generally means that you are dealing with the challenges of an injury, illness or trauma. This can be difficult and time consuming. On top of this, dealing with the claims process can easily become a repetitive, frustrating and overwhelming process.

Maria’s knowledge of the industry, her keen eye for errors and inconsistencies in documents, her ability to explain the intricacies of the claims process combined with her consistent advocacy skills, make her a valuable ally in this process.

I have seen Maria negotiate the complexities of these situations for people, removing the confusion and frustration and ensuring a faster and much better outcome.

The benefits of involving Maria are that she will work in partnership with you, keep you informed, give you clear direction on the next step of the process whilst advocating behind the scenes for the best outcome for you."