Karen's Story


"I was diagnosed with severe depression a few years ago and although I made every attempt to continue working, in the end I was unable to do so. I had met Maria previously and we reconnected a few years ago.  In conversation I mentioned my, at that time, dire financial situation due to not only my debilitating diagnosis but the increasing frustrations I was encountering while trying to deal with my superannuation company regarding my salary continuance claim. 

My correspondence with them appeared to travel in circles, having delivered them the necessary paper work then finding I had to re-submit the same paper work.  Due to my diagnosis I struggled to continue to complete these tasks and I found my depression to be greatly exacerbated by this continual circulatory process. Maria stepped into the breach for me.  Having experience and understanding of the superannuation industry Maria was able to not only communicate with them on my behalf but also elicit an outcome that constituted my receiving my monthly salary continuance payments.

To do this Maria had to liaise and negotiate with the superannuation company, the insurance company as well as my employer, I would have been totally lost with out her ability to unite these three parties. During this period Maria dealt with all correspondence from the above, taking the pressure off me so that I can focus on getting well.

Maria was able to relay to me what was required of me regarding paper work and process in a clear and empathetic manner that helped immensely with my ability to cope through such a stressful time. Maria then helped me lodge my application for TPD. She successfully managed the claim on my behalf until it was paid out.

My only regret is that I had not reconnected with Maria earlier and asked for her help as I know it would have been a much less painful process than what it became. I have no hesitation in recommending Maria’s help and services to anyone walking the same path as I.

I can honestly say that Maria saved my life. "


Karen Mossman