Alan's story by Brittany his daughter

9812 an ocean sunset landscape pv"In November 2011, my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Due to his diagnosis and his need for immediate treatment, he was unable to work.

Being a single father of four with a mortgage and upcoming medical bills, this put a big strain on him financially and emotionally.

He was able to get some money together to tie him over for a few months while he organised access to his superannuation.

He went back and forth with the insurance company for what seemed like a never ending loop. After 18 months and still no payment a family member told us about Maria.

For the first time, my dad seemed hopeful about something.

Maria provided him with the additional forms needed and she did the rest. He didn't have to put all his energy into a losing battle and was able to enjoy his time with family.

It was not long after that my dad received access to his super.

It was the first time I had seen my dad truly happy after his diagnosis. He was able to keep a roof over his head, provide for his children and could afford his medication to keep fighting.

Maria did much more than just organise access to his super. She gave my dad hope and the strength to keep fighting and she gave my family and I a few more cherished years to hold on to.

I would definitely recommend Maria's service to any family or individual who is experiencing similar obstacles that my dad faced."