Rainy and Kasey 

"My life partner of 15 years was dying, her cancer had returned and she was given only 8 weeks to live.

Three months on and Rainy was still fighting, with only one income, our financial burdens were adding up, and extra hours at work were taking its toll on both of us. My biggest concern was not being able to leave work to provide her with the round the clock care she needed.

It was then we found Maria, through a close friend. Her specialty was Superannuation, Maria spoke with us at length, working out what would be the best options for us, and immediately became our liaison with the Superannuation company.

Maria provided us with the forms, and tools we required to access Rainy's super, she followed up on any disputes, and discrepancies that came up, and ensured we had access to all the opportunities we were entitled to. Maria was very professional, and knowledgeable, but yet empathetic and understanding of our situation.

Thanks to Maria, we gained access to Rainy's superannuation, and I was able to leave work immediately with the confidence that our burdens were no longer holding us back.

I could provide the love and care for Rainy, and she would be afforded the dignity she so deserved. I can't express in words the impact of what Maria did for us.

Only that Rainy slipped away months later, with me by her side, knowing that I would be ok.  It is because of this; I would recommend Maria's services to any family or individual that is experiencing the same obstacles we did.

The worry of financial burden should not be what your precious time is focused on at this emotionally challenging time."