Why Angel Claims Management Services Began

Angel Claims Management Services is a business that is dedicated to helping people access their superannuation entitlements when they are unable to work due to ill health, injury or disability.

Most Australians are unaware of the entitlements available to them in their superannuation funds when they are faced with a medical event. If they do make a claim, the process is confusing, demanding and can be overwhelming.

Angel Claims Management Services was launched as a result of working with clients for the past five years. It became apparent that my help was critical to the people I helped as it allowed them to focus on their health issues, enabled them to maintain financial security and most importantly spend precious time with loved ones. I was deeply touched by Rainy and Kasey's story and Karen's story each unique yet common.

I also found that there are many other Australians in financial difficulty due to illness who really need my help and so Angel Claims Management Services was born.

Angel Claims Management Services has successfully secured over $1 million in benefits on behalf of clients

 About Me

P1290499 3I’m Maria Lupia the Founder of Angel Claims Management Services. I have over three decades of business experience and specifically over 15 years’ experience in the superannuation industry. Commencing as a superannuation fund administrator where I learnt the fundamentals of superannuation administration and soon became a consultant and senior manager for some of the industry’s leaders.

I have a detailed knowledge of how the claims process works, understand documentation requirements and industry jargon so that I can break it down into plain English to remove the confusion for you.

I can help you with the following benefit claims:

I can also help you investigate if you have insurances within other policies that you may be able to claim.

Because I am Angel Claims Management Services I am your primary point of contact and you will always speak to me and ONLY me.

I understand your individual needs giving you a personalised service that is professional yet empathetic.

I understand that you won't be able to travel to an office so I will meet with you in your home at a time that is convenient to you as I am available weeknights and weekends.

Our first meeting is with no obligations and free of charge. I have a no gimmick all-inclusive fixed fee regardless of how much work I need to do. 

My services specialise in managing the claim and I will ensure that you complete all the necessary steps to submit a complete claim.

I will advocate for you at every step and I am passionate about helping you when you need it most.

If you have already submitted a claim and it has been denied I can review the claim and help to understand why it was denied and if there are more steps we can take to resubmit the claim.  I am not a lawyer and cannot provide legal advice. If I believe that you have exhausted all avenues with your claim I may recommend that you do seek legal advice.

Again, I will help you every step of the way.